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We at the ELU WE CARE FOUNDATION,  are able to assist those who are interested in becoming recording artists, dancers, music enthusiasts, film writer, actors and behind those scenes  - regarding the entertainment industry.  We will counsel, develop, support and guide these individuals on how to stay focused and utilize all resources that are available to them.


We will provide the stability to avoid the pitfalls of the entertainment industry by giving real life experiences from a panel industry professionals that  have experienced all aspects of the industry.  Mentors that have been  exposed  to real life industry experiences -  can keep talented individuals from going down self - destructive life paths.


ELU WE  CARE  FOUNDATION  -  mentorship  programs will be providing leadership opportunities to individuals that will be passed on to others  that come thru this program.  Individuals  will be mentored,  so they can pass on needed industry  information to others in involved in this program.

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