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ELU's style is similar to FloRida's, but with a twist. His music makes you want to get up and dance.
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Pop-Rap
Release Date: 2015

Elu Forever - EP CD

  • Album Notes
    ELU Music

    Eric Lucas aka “Elu” was raised in Charlotte, NC. He is no stranger to the road. He has been working hard, paying his dues, and performing at big city venues; opening for artists such as Young LA, Paris Bennett, Gypsy Stokes, Wu-Tang Clan, and Tone Loc. These ranges of artists show “Elu’s” ability to pair his own hybrid form of music with other, more defined artists.

    Unlike one hit wonders, “Elu” creates unique and memorable songs with longevity. His music is a fusion of styles ( hip hop, pop, dance) allowing flexibility in artistry and versatile appeal. As he continues to experiment with varied musical forms, he evolves in his mastery of music.

    Although he works large venues like a seasoned musical veteran, “Elu” has left no door unopened, even in the smallest towns. He headlined his own tours throughout the east coast with Craig O productions from 2007-2008. In addition, “Elu” has appeared on numerous radio shows and gives back to his community through local charity events. In 2010 “Elu” signed to Millennium Music Group Inc. and looks forward to making history with this company.

    Producers on his upcoming album (“Outta Here”) include Grammy nominated Doug Rasheed, super producer Tim “K Figgs” Wall, and veteran David Sparks. Upcoming singles, “Say Yea” and “Outta Here” are guaranteed crossover, international hits. These upcoming releases are strong musical statements from an artist on the rise, who will inevitably change the sound of music, as we know it.

    Elu passed away in 2014. His mother Felicia Lucas formed a foundation in his honor called "Elu WeCare Foundation".

    R.I.P ELU
    You are greatly missed.
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